Maybe it’s time to stop searching for these WMDs
Facebook and Twitter are the new WMTs
Witness the success of the real threats
Weapons of Mass Texts
144 character tweet seeking missiles (of dismissal)
no need to go postal to be social in this day and age
Blow up any event from the comfort of your own homepage.
Round up the troops to challenge, question and protest
it’s cheaper more effective and faster than any known printing press
step inside and get online
With now more than 500 millions users world-wide.
Weaving webs of connectivity more lucid and beautiful
than Spiderman the Musical.
Become the next Textaco sensation
on networks with net worths
worth more than any fortune 500 oil corporation.
Wield power to make real change see profiling be legal
raise hairs even on the bald eagle
where Zuckerberg is king, yet everyone’s equal
where not just American Dreams reign supreme
its a total global phenomenon
Obama, Netanyahu, Shaq, even your mom is on.
Status update your relationship or overthrow a dictatorship.
Ninjas, pirates, straights and gays
Stay single or get engaged
in Wisconsin its complicated
but why not add civil unions to your page.
Follow your favorite celeb and honor the dead
Stalk a world leader to write an op-ed.
With photos easier to tag than bags
AirTran can be a real a drag
So spread the word without all the jetlag.
Metaphorically or Rhetorically
These WMTs helped IRAN attack
while no WMDs were ever found in IRAQ
Whether they need ya in Egypt or Tunisia new acquaintances will be made
When life gives you Yemen give Yemen-ade.
But let’s not call a spade a spade
The entire Civil Rights movement happened without all this
250,000 march on Washington-so what was their trick?
(I had) a dream shared without a (mouse) click
but never before was it this…quick
unlock the skakra doctine to your inner activist
Tweet this flicker that and face-book the music with three fists in the air.
Open your third eye phone and smile while you file share
they say to reach true enlightenment you must (go at it alone) leave your computer home
fight focused if you want the crap to stop
So ask yourself….
does every sit-in really need a laptop?

About Scottt

Actor, Author, Poet.

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